After graduating Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Mike started his freelance business that continues to this day. Working with an extensive list of clients throughout the U.S., his work ranges from highly finished illustrations to fast shooting boards for commercial directors. Storyboards and comps for advertising agencies are the main focus of Mike's business.

Mike spent 4 years of his childhood in Micronesia, on a small island called Ponape (now spelled Pohnpei) in the South Pacific. Here his dad taught Industrial Arts at the local high school. Those were some memorable years spent in a tropical setting with no TV or telephones and one radio station. When he wasn't spear fishing and collecting shells off the reefs, or running through the jungle with slingshot in hand, his days were spent reading and drawing comics for his artistic talents were born!

After many years in the Los Angeles area honing his illustration skills, Mike has recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, back to his roots as a 6th generation Oregonian. Working from his studio in NW Portland, Mike enjoys free-time with his wife and children (boy/girl twins) exploring the mountains and the dramatic pacific coast.